Burmese cats

Burmese is one of the few original breeds. As their name indicates these cats come from a region of Burma and Thailand where they lived as a temple cats. As the very first Burmese cat is regarded Brown cat named Wong Mau that was brought from Burma to America in 1930.

They are medium size cats with very muscular body. Their coat is short and silk with almost no undercoat so taking care of them is very easy. The original colour of Burmese cats is brown. Because of crossbreeding with Siamese the colour variety extended. Currently FIFé recognizes 10 colours (brown, chocolate, blue, lilac and their tortie varieties, red and cream).

Burmese are very active, talkative, inquisitive and playful until their advanced age. They love to be in the middle of every action at home and require owner’s full attention. They get on very well with other pets or children.