Current Litter

We don't have any available kitten at the moment. Next litter we plan in autumn 2018.


Kittens will come to their new homes vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped with Pet passport and some toys and favorite food. They are cleanly, litter-trained, fully socialized and loved. Also used to a dog.

Kittens sold as a pet/show pet will be neutered/spayed yet. Of course they will have their pedigree with transfer and purchase contract.



Previous Litters

Here you can see how are kittens from our previous litters doing in their new homes.


IC HU*Alba Regia Maszat x KittyKatz Bronzed Aussie *09.07.2015


IC HU*Alba Regia Maszat x SC UA*Oktarin Leo Bianco *08.11.2016


IC Meowmar's Oh MY Gizmo x Fi* Bumpulina Van Damme, *13.07.2017